Free Online Marketing courses

There are many free courses available for Online Marketing and related subjects. Personally I’ve done a couple during my degree and use them to up date my knowledge every now and then. I would recommend following a course that matches with the information you want to learn. Multiple organizations offer similar courses, below you can read the list of all the courses that are listed as really useful and good Online Marketing courses.

An Online Marketing Course can benefit you in multiple ways. First of all it can give you the basic information you need to start up with Online Marketing. Secondly it helps with improving your skills. And lastly it can help you to upgrade your CV.

  • Inbound Marketing Certification – HubSpot Academy
  • Content Marketing Certification – HubSpot Academy
  • Social media Certification – HubSpot Academy
  • SEO Training Course – HubSpot Academy
  • Email Marketing Certification – HubSpot Academy
  • What is Digital Advertising & How to do it – HubSpot Academy
  • Content Marketing – QuickSprout
  • Paid Advertising – QuickSprout
  • Blueprint – Facebook
  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing – Google
  • Google Analytics for beginners – Google
  • Learn HTML & CSS – Codecademy
  • Basic Graphic Design Course – Canva
  • Photoshop 2020 Fundamentals – LinkedIn Learning
  • InDesign 2020 Training – LinkedIn Learning
  • Digital Skills: Digital Marketing – Accenture
  • Create a Social Media Marketing Campaign – University of Leeds
  • Content Marketing – SEMRUSH Academy
  • Affiliate Marketing – SEMRUSH Academy

EdX is an organization who offers university courses for free, in case you want a certificate you pay a fee for the certificate. Not only in Marketing but in almost every field. There are a few that I would recommend:

  • Introduction to Marketing – UBCx
  • Marketing Essentials – IIMBx
  • Customer Relationship Management for Marketers – IIMBx
  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals – EdinburghX
  • Strategic Social Media Marketing – BUx
  • Marketing Analytics – BerkeleyX

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