Work from home essentials

In the economy today it is more than normal to work from home, personally, I work from home all the time.
I created my own work place at home where I love to work.

I still receive questions why I love working from home so much. First off all, I can schedule my day more. I like to start my days around 9.30 am and work until 5 pm and maybe some additional evening hours. Weirdly enough I love working at night, everyone sleeps so it gives me the time to work in a quiet environment.

I created a list of my work from home essentials.

  • Desk. I have a ergonomic desk from Ikea (Skarsta 120x70cm)
  • Chair. I have a fake leather chair with wheels again from Ikea (Millberget)
  • Laptop. As you might see on the photo’s on the website I own a MacBook. Sometimes I connect an extra screen to my laptop but on a daily basis it is not necessary. I had to get a new laptop because I spilled water on my old one during my thesis period (the day of submission). My biggest recommendation is to get a laptop insurance which covers water damage. I bought my laptop at Amac (Macbook Pro 13 inch 2020 – 16GB – 512GB with Touch Bar)
  • Laptop stand. I got this during the first lockdown, and couldn’t be happier to buy it. It helps with neck-/back-pain. I got mine from Ikea (Bräda 42x31cm)
  • Notebook. I like to make a to do list for the week and per day to motivate me to get things done. I got mine from Action (Notitieboek A5)
  • Couple of pens. I get them from everywhere; university, work and bookstores
  • Blue-light glasses. One of the things I got 4 years ago are Blue-light glasses. I got them at the optician, but there are many site that sell them without prescription. It helped reducing my migraines and the pain in my eyes from looking at the screen all day
  • Water bottle. Drinking water really helps me to stay hydrated during the day. I have a bottle for half a liter, which keeps water cold or hot water warm. I got it from Amazon (Sho bottle)
  • Coffee/tea mug. If you drink coffee or tea a mug is essential. I use mugs that I got on a market in Amsterdam.
  • Headphones. Whenever I work, I play music. I have an office for myself so it doesn’t matter how loud I play my music, unless my family is home, then I use headphones. I use AirPods, which is ideal when I have a work call I can just walk around the house and my headphones stay connected.
  • Flowers/plant. My desk is facing a wall with no window. To see something colorful and alive, I try to keep a plant or flowers on my desk.
  • Candles. When working in the winter I can get pretty dark in my office. I always work with lights on, but a candle gives me a happy feeling and smells nice at the same time.

I’m not sponsored by any of the companies listed above.

Please leave a comment with your favorite essential about working from home!

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