Favorite apps for social media

There are so many different app to use for social media and online marketing. I use a couple of them but my favorites are Canva, Preview, Lightroom and Buffer. Using apps in your advantage is super important to cut some time. I personally use these apps to make my work easier and to work faster.

Canva is a graphic design platform, which is used to create social media posts/stories, presentations, logo’s, business cards, and much more. Canva has a free and paid version, and is even allows you to work in files together. Canva is available in an app and desktop version. 

Preview is a simple app which allows you to “preview” your instagram feed before it is posted, and even when it is posted. You can rearrange the order of your future posts, to your liking (follow a layout). It even has the option to find top trending hashtags and check your analytics. Preview is a free app, but you can’t post immediately on your feed. 

Lightroom is my favorite Adobe app! It is a photo editing app which allows you to make presets, so you can make your photo’s look more similar. With Lightroom you can lift your photography to the next level! The app is free to use and available for desktop and mobile. 

Buffer is a scheduling app which can be used for direct posting on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and for scheduling on Instagram. Buffer has a free and paid version to use on desktop and app. Buffer is great if you want to create bulk posts or post on set times. It is easy and time saving!

Other apps you can use are:
– Later
– Photoshop
– Planoly
– Crello
– Facebook pages manager

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