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5 Reasons why you need a SMM

There are many reasons why you need a Social Media Manager, but I will highlight the most important 5 reasons.

  1. Engagement

You audience on social media needs constant interaction and engagement. A social media manager will communicate with your audience, if this is part of your contract. Your SMM will help to protect your reputation and help your (potential) customer with any question they might have. 

  1. Measuring the effectiveness of the strategy

Your social media manager is required to report to you about the posts, stories and all other contents performances. There are several metrics that can be reported such as; followers count, number of posts, impressions, engagement rate, traffic to links, saves, customers, views and comments. 

  1. Trends are always changing

Social Media Managers keep track of all the trends and changes in the algorithm to make sure your content is based on the latest trends. They can also suggest using a new platform such as TikTok.

  1. Growing your audience

When your audience grows, your credibility grows. Growing a social media platform is one of the most difficult tasks a Social Media Manager has. It is never guaranteed that a post or story is going to succeed the way you anticipated.

  1. Promotions and Advertising

A Social Media Manager has experience with running promotions and ads over multiple platforms. They can not only advice you which post is the most relevant and probably successful to promote but they can also help to set up your advertisement and contests/giveaways.

If you are in need of a Social Media Manager, I still have a few spots free. Send me a message and we will set things up for you.

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