12 Blog ideas for 2022

12 blog idead for 2022

Regardless what type of business/company you have or work for, you can always use some blog ideas to start of the new year. Let me share some of my blog ideas for each month of 2022. You can use the blog ideas across any social media platform as well.

1. Share your knowledge

You and/or your team have a lot of knowledge about one or more topics. In this blog you can highlight one of them. A few examples are:
– How can social media help your business grow?
– What equipment do you need as a freelance front end developer?
– Can you make money while traveling the world?
– Do you need a website for your “personal” brand?

2. Something fun

Share a fun fact to light up this month’s blog.
Examples are:
– An activity that you can do from home (covid edition)
– Your favorite food, including the recipe
– A DIY project you recommend
– Your team’s secret talents

3. Free knowledge

Share how people who are interested in the same work how they can get into the work field without having a specific degree. For example:
– Free courses
– Free webinars
– Free E-books
– Free workshops

4. The start of your career

Matching with the previous blog idea, you can share your story. How did you get into your career? Did you study something specific of something completely different from what you currently do? Ask your team to share their stories as well.

5. Mistakes

Share the mistakes you or your team made regarding your business.
– Starting a podcast and it didn’t get an audience
– Paying thousands of dollars for something that wasn’t worth it

6. FAQ

Do you get a couple of questions regularly, write a FAQ or answer them in a blog. Pinpoint the blog somewhere logical on your website so everyone can find it whenever they need it. A couple questions the include in a FAQ are:
– How long does shipping takes?
– How much are the shipping costs?
– Can I get a customized product?
– Where are you located?

7. Relate the unexpected

Pick an unrelated topic and tie it to your business. It can be anything. For example:
– Meditation helped you sleep better, which resulted in you being more successful.
– How you learned HTML and CSS as a communication specialist so you understand SEO better.

8. Review time

Interview a few of your customers or let them share their story about your business.
– How do they use your product?
– What are their thoughts about your service?
– What is the most creative way of using your product?
– Would they recommend your business to their friends and family?

9. Social media

Share some social media tips that you have used to grow your business.
– Have you shared an X amount of posts/stories consistently?
– Have you done a specific course to gain more knowledge?
– Have you interacted with your followers on a daily basis?

10. Q&A

Allow your customers and followers to send you questions and answers them in a blog or in a video, or both. This way you include your target audience within your content which will help with the reach.

11. Jokes/gif’s

Share a blogpost with the best jokes and/or gif’s related to your career. Everyone likes to laugh, and need it especially during the winter months.

12. Recap

Use December to recap your year and tell your audience what you learned, did, and would have done differently if you could. Also share what your goals and desires are for the new year. Get personal and dare to be vulnerable.

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